Body Work

So I had a little rust problem, seems someone along the way was too lazy to remove the vinyl top from under the front and rear windshield glass....

My buddy Shelby was nice enough to help me out repairing the metal

Some cutting, some welding, more cutting, and sanding, and welding

Eventually it was one piece again!

1997, before stripping and primering the front end

What the hell was I thinking! Like this crappy paint job was gonna come back after sitting outside for over 10 years. It looked good for about 6 hours, then went back to being flat

Cleaned and primered the front end


And fenders too, one from the brown donormobile, the other was the original off the car

Added on the AAR rear spoiler too

Here is my driver's quarter after I ground through about 3/4" of bondo, who the hell did this? More Here