Brown Cuda Donormobile



donor2t.jpg (18589 bytes) I picked up this car in maybe 1989 or 90 for the huge sum of..........$150! Mainly I bought it because it had black interior, but when I went to pick it up, the interior parts had magically piled themselves into the middle of the car and changed color as well to that wonderful chalky sky blue! I was really pissed, but I took the car home anyway.

donor1t.jpg (27087 bytes) Now before you start composing hate mail, let me clue you in on why I scrapped this thing, it was a 225 leaning tower of power, 3 speed car with no options of any kind. Still interested, ok there was no engine, trans, harnesses etc. The k member had been replaced with a V8 k member which would be cool, but, someone had torched the k member to body holes oversize! What the f were they thinking!!

donor6t.jpg (31081 bytes) Not to mention that the drivers quarter panel skin had been replaced, by brazing on a skin from another car. I couldn't tell if they were trying to create an image of the ocean in the quarter with 5 foot swells or what this thing was so messed up! The rear upper shock mount crossmember was totally destroyed too! I don't know who messed this car up, but it's time had come....

donor8t.jpg (17481 bytes) We got a lot of experience with a reciprocating saw on this car!

donor11t.jpg (29760 bytes) poor car......

donor10t.jpg (22483 bytes) In retrospect, I wish I would have saved the roof and tail light panel, but oh well. My buddy Bob kept the passenger quarter which was good, I ended up keeping the fenders, doors, trans tunnel hump and some other parts.

donor9t.jpg (32711 bytes) The rest I just kinda "abandoned" somewhere near where I used to live.