Driver's Quarter Panel

I was lucky one of the guys I work with used to work for a Chrysler Dealer back in the day when these cars were new. After bugging him for a couple of years, he was nice enough to help me out, this is inspiring......

This is what we started with, if you are familiar with these cars, you can see how pushed in the quarter is...I actually had kept the flange that goes between the quarter and the area behind the bumper since it fell off so many years ago (it was only bondo'd in place!)

After just 45 minutes he had already brought the general shape back into the quarter

With the flange part back on and the pie shaped piece we made from a part of my old single exhaust valance it was coming together. I was so excited!!!!

Add some filler and block sand

Then another layer and block sand. Pretty good!

Next up was the forward part of the driver's quarter. Turns out that this area had been "repaired" before also