Exhaust Stuff

Well I got sick of dragging the exhaust over every speed bump and driveway whenever I drove the car, so I picked up a set of shortie headers from Summit Racing. I like the design, although they have smaller primaries than the long tube heads, it's worth the trade-off. I won't have to hold my breath every time there is a bump in the road. My car isn't that low in the front and three of the primaries on the long tube headers were squashed.


Here is a collector view of the shortie headers. I didn't like the way this was looking, so I modified the collectors so the transition in size wasn't so drastic.

Much better huh?

So here is a before and after shot. I cut the collectors off the long tube headers and welded them to the shorties after cutting off the restrictive small collectors.

Here is the setup my buddy Robert and I made out of 3 inch tubing one weekend, that was a job.....