This is my buddy Steve B. and his 70 440-6, Shaker, Pistol Grip convertible that I helped him restore.


The 48 Chevy Ambulance, 54 Chevy and 54 GMC pickup are/were Robert and Annika's. I should have a picture of the Buick V-6 powered Mini Cooper here soon as well. The Mustang was Robert's brother's car, but now it is mine also. I'll save that for another webpage.....

This is my buddy Alex's 70 Oldsmobile, you can learn more about it here

Here is a vintage picture of Alex's Oldsmobile, Paul's 68 GTO and Kelly's 66 Mustang. This was taken at California Street Machines Expo back in 1990 this used to be the best show to go to, before it became the sport truck and stereo exposition. I think this is the only pictures I have left of Paul's car, unfortunately, he sold it.








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