newtoy1t.jpg (32007 bytes)Well, after taking the engine out, and then going crazy and pulling everything out of the car, I started to think about what I wanted to do with this thing? Am I going to make it into a drag car? Or maybe restore it to it's original 383 2BBL, vinyl top, column shift glory? (Yeah, RIGHT!) Hey, this restoration stuff is kinda expensive!

old5t.jpg (20275 bytes)Let's see I make $7 an hour at the auto parts store so it should only take a few months to get this thing up andrunning again. :) My parents came back from Australia and they were not impressed, to say the least

dedcar4t.jpg (30186 bytes)I had a plan (kind of) but no money

old18t.jpg (27638 bytes)So I thought I would start stockpiling parts and once I got enough parts together, then I could put it back on the road. Think of that last paragraph being 2 years long, because by the time I started stockpiling parts, I no longer lived at home

dedcar7t.jpg (32365 bytes)Now the car was sitting in the back yard, uncovered and with no protection whatsoever. Parts of the engine were in the garage. Soon the car would be as well

dedcar5t.jpg (33235 bytes)but not much was going on It made a good place to pile junk

dedcar1t.jpg (27759 bytes)and it was especially good for a spray paint stand!

dedcar3t.jpg (14802 bytes)And it was a great mobile workbench