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Welcome to my 70 Cuda page, this site is dedicated to 

my 21 year affair with this car, follow along and observe the insanity......

This was taken at Baylands Raceway Park (Fremont, CA.) in 1986

    Hey there fellow car enthusiasts! Welcome to my virtual garage, it sure is a lot cleaner in here than my real garage (just look at some of the pictures on the pages that follow!). I bought my car on January 14th, 1986 after my previous car was destroyed by a drunk driver. I wanted something bigger than the Pinto (no I'm not kidding, no it didn't blow up) and I was biased by my father's love for Mopars. 

    My parents have owned a 64 Valiant, 68 Roadrunner, 68 Barracuda (or Baccaruda as dad called it), 74 Satellite Custom (The Yellow Submarine!), 75 Duster, and a 76 Dodge D200 Pickup. After looking for a month, this car appeared in the local Auto Trader. It had a 440 with a 727 and a 8 3/4 with 2.76 gears. It also had headers and a Comp 268 Magnum cam, the rest of the motor was stock. After one drive I knew I had to have it. I drove the car for a little over a year, raced it a lot on the street, and a few times at the track (13.98 @ 97 best). In April of 1987, the engine was starting to use some oil, especially on deceleration and would puff blue smoke on start up. I thought I would pull the heads and see what was up. Well, after I pulled the valve covers off, I noticed one of the head bolts was different from all the rest. The bolt was shiny, too shiny - it turned out to be a grade 3 bolt from the hardware store! Well, ok, I will finish pulling the heads off. After I get them off, I lsee one piston is dished, and the rest are flat tops!!! What the  #@$! Ok, now the engine is coming out. Lucky for me, my parents were in Australia, so they couldn't give me crap about what I was doing. (but they made up for it when they got back) I decided I would "restore" the car (what the hell did I know, I was 18). BIG MISTAKE! this isn't a Camaro or Mustang, and Year One was barely in business at that time. So, there the car sat......for almost 11 years! Eventually opportunities arose that allowed me to get the car back together.......

Under Constant Construction!

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