It's Alive!

vaneng1t.jpg (27778 bytes)So after pulling the motor out of the van, I did a quickie regasket job on it and had the heads redone with hard seats and bronze guides.

vaneng11t.jpg (28124 bytes)Pretty soon it was time to put the motor in the car

vaneng4t.jpg (19490 bytes)I was quite happy, this had been a long time coming!       

itsalive16t.jpg (27078 bytes)Alex and Steve were nice enough to help out   

itsalive15t.jpg (32138 bytes)still quite happy!   

itsalive3t.jpg (32717 bytes)Lollygaggin around like a buncha Kansas City....oh, sorry, Steve consuming my beer....

itsalive4t.jpg (30418 bytes)Woohoo, it's in the car!   

itsalive1t.jpg (29246 bytes)Mmmmm, beer!

itsalive7t.jpg (31095 bytes)final stuff to hook up and get it going   

itsalive13t.jpg (29233 bytes)how's it run? you got oil pressure?

itsalive14t.jpg (28996 bytes)no, I didn't drive it with the battery on the cowl..   

vaneng6t.jpg (36696 bytes)lookin good!   

itsalive12t.jpg (27764 bytes)It runs!

itsalive8t.jpg (20584 bytes)First drive in 10 years!